PodLP Turns 4, Launches on Cloud Phone

PodLP turns 4 years old, launches on CloudMosa’s Cloud Phone furthering its mission to make podcasts accessible to the next billion listeners.

PodLP on the Nokia 110 4G running Cloud Phone

PodLP Turns 4!

It’s incredible to think that PodLP launched 4 years ago at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020. PodLP was first available on the KaiStore without push notifications, transcripts, or even thumbnails on the homepage! PodLP has since grown to 10M+ installs in 175+ countries around the world, and today PodLP continues it’s growth with a launch on a new platform: CloudMosa’s Cloud Phone.

Cloud Phone is a remote browser that supports “widgets” (apps) like PodLP, and runs on budget feature phones with as little as 16MB RAM and screens as small as 128x160. To put that into perspective, Cloud Phone runs with ~3% of the memory and ~30% the resolution of the original Apple Watch! Cloud Phone launched in December 2023 and is currently available on a growing number of phones including:

Cloud Phone is a unique platform that delivers significant value to users without raising the cost of the most affordable mobile device category. Unlike KaiOS smart feature phones, Cloud Phone devices need just a fraction of the hardware because widgets are rendered on CloudMosa’s servers running the latest version of Google Chrome. This unique value proposition means that Cloud Phone is poised to scale rapidly in 2024 and beyond.

Cloud Phone Launch

Screenshots of PodLP on the Nokia 110 4G

Above are real screenshots of PodLP for Cloud Phone on the Nokia 110 4G, with a remarkably small screen 1.8" (45mm) screen and 128x160 pixel resolution. Despite budget hardware, PodLP on Cloud Phone allows listeners to search & discover popular podcasts, subscribe to their favorite shows, and stream the latest episodes. In collaboration with CloudMosa, more features will come soon as both Cloud Phone and PodLP respond to user feedback.

Limitations: Despite both being web-based platforms for feature phones, KaiOS and Cloud Phone are very different. Cloud Phone “widgets” do not run on the user’s device. Instead, they are rendered on a server via Cloud Phone’s remote browser. This means that user’s must have an internet connection to use any widget, including PodLP. Because of this, PodLP on Cloud Phone does not support offline downloads or push notifications for new episodes. Additionally, Cloud Phone cannot run in the background so listeners cannot multitask while streaming episodes.


Because Cloud Phone widgets are rendered on CloudMosa’s servers, this impacts download statistics. CloudMosa downloads are similar to those from a university, where traffic for many devices originates from a limited number of IPv4 addresses. Currently, Cloud Phone servers are located in California (USA) and Singapore, and while the X-Forwarded-For header is provided, most podcast hosts are likely to disregard this. These characteristics are true for all Cloud Phone widgets and are not unique to PodLP.

PodLP on Cloud Phone provides an app-specific user agent fragment, PodLP/1.0. Here’s PodLP’s user agent on a Nokia 110 4G (note: version numbers and build identifiers subject to change):

Mozilla/5.0 (Cloud Phone; Nokia 110 4G) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/122.0.6261.111 Mobile Safari/537.36 Puffin/ PodLP/1.0

With user agent fragments, podcast hosts can identify PodLP traffic and differentiate between listeners on different platforms, including KaiOS and Cloud Phone.


Podcast sponsorship helps grow your listener base globally, and funds PodLP’s mission to make podcasts accessible to the next billion listeners. PodLP offers numerous sponsorship opportunities, and now global sponsors will include listings on PodLP for Cloud Phone’s homepage. Sponsors are identified with the word “Ad” overlaid on the top-right corner of the podcast’s thumbnail, and appear first before a listener’s subscriptions. PodLP for Cloud Phone is evolving, and campaigns can be customized within platform constraints. Contact sales@podlp.com to learn more.

About PodLP

PodLP is the top podcast app for feature phones, available on the KaiStore, JioStore, and now Cloud Phone! In 4 years, PodLP has been installed on 10+ million devices in nearly every country. Learn more at PodLP.com, including sponsorship opportunities to grow your podcast with global listeners on PodLP.