PodLP v2.1 is Here + New Sponsorship Opportunities!

The new PodLP v2.1 which adds a sleep timer, playback info & notification, improved downloads, and more was published on the KaiStore as of 11/5!

Check out screenshots of some of the new features and tweaks below.

PodLP v2.1

About PodLP v2.1

PodLP v1 was released on the KaiStore in June 2020, and the JioStore in October 2020. Since then, we have continued to push updates and make improvements to deliver the best podcast experience on KaiOS smart feature phones worldwide.

v2.1 brings a set of new features, bug fixes, and optimizations. New in v2.1 is a sleep timer that automatically stops playback after a set interval. We have also introduced a playback info toggle and playback notification to provide convenient navigation back to PodLP from other apps.

PodLP Playback

v2.1 also has plenty of small tweaks and improvements behind the scenes. Most notably, it includes a full revamp to the downloads system that is faster, more reliable, and displays an estimated time to completion. There are also performance optimizations and a nearly 20% decrease in total app size.

With more than 8M downloads in 175+ countries, PodLP has grown steadily throughout 2020 and 2021. Keep an eye out because there is a lot more to come from PodLP as we launch new features, support more Podcast Index elements, and expand to new devices and geographies!

Sponsorship Opportunities for Podcasters

For more than a year, PodLP has helped connect podcasters with new listeners and subscribers from around the world. That is why we are also launching more sponsorship opportunities for podcasters.

PodLP Recommended Category

Launching soon on PodLP is the Recommended category. This will be the most cost effective way for independent podcasters to grow their listener base amongst a global audience. The Recommended category will be the first category displayed, and podcast listings will rotate daily to ensure equal time above the fold. Listings are limited to between 28-31 per month.

For our first month (December 2021), campaigns will be just $180 for a 1-month listing. That is less than $6 USD per day for December 1st - 31st. If you are interested, please complete this Google Form and we will reach out if there is availability.

Homepage Sponsored Listing

PodLP Global Sponsor

The other option for sponsors is a homepage sponsored listing. This has been the fastest way to get your podcast in front new listeners. Listings appear on the PodLP homepage above all other items including subscriptions. Availability is limited to 2 podcasts at the same time, and prices vary based on app usage and campaign length.

For questions, current availability & pricing of homepage sponsored listings, or if you would like to explore additional sponsorship opportunities not outlined above, please contact us at sales@podlp.com.